Traditional Sunday Worship – 10:50am

Worship at Grace is traditional and relaxed. You will experience hymns, choir music, strong preaching, and a welcoming, inclusive congregation. Dress varies from casual to business-like attire. Come comfortable!

What about my kids?

We love having children in worship. It’s okay if they make noise or ask questions or laugh or spit up or accidentally pull the hair of the person in the pew in front of you. They’re kids! And our church is called Grace for a reason! We don’t expect them to be perfect and we are so grateful for the ways they teach us about the body of Christ.

Children ages 3 through 2nd grade leave worship during the sermon to have an age-appropriate lesson called FACE Time (Fun Activities in Christian Education). They will return to worship after the sermon.

Nursery care is available for children birth to 3 during worship and Sunday School.

Sunday School classes are available before worship for all ages starting at 9:30 AM. Learn more under our Connect page.

Current Sermon Series

stonecatchers: 40 days of letting go & receiving grace

February 18 – March 25

Lent is the 40 day season leading up to Easter. This theme idea came from an illustration in Bryan Stevenson’s book Just Mercy. Stevenson is a lawyer who helps to work for a more holistic justice system. He wrote about a time where a woman called him a “stone catcher,” because most people just throw stones at each other. He, however, was in the business of catching the stones being thrown. This season of Lent, we are going to be in the business of catching the stones being thrown—stones of greed, exclusion, entitlement, and silencing. Join in worship these next 40 days to become a stonecatcher instead of a stone thrower.

ASH WEDNESDAY WORSHIP – February 14, 2018 from 5:15pm – 5:45pm

sabbath: finding rest in God’s time

January 21 – February 11

Busyness. Burdens. Compliance. Overcompensation. These are the products of a lack of margin and rest in our lives. Sabbath is a chance to find rest in God’s time. It doesn’t look like sloth or laziness or letting people down. Sabbath looks like making priorities that match God’s calling in your life. Join in worship January 21 to learn about sabbath as unbusyness, January 28 to learn about sabbath as freedom, February 4 for sabbath as resistance, and February 11 for sabbath as stillness. Start your year off right with intentionality in your relationship with God.

Past Sermon Series

Baptism Sunday

January 14

Each year we celebrate Jesus’s baptism and remember our own baptisms. Many of us were baptized as babies and have no memory of baptism, but we do have a chance to remember that we are baptized and what that means. It’s a Sunday where those who wish to be baptized can learn more about what that means and all of us can learn more about what a faithful relationship with God and community looks like.



January 7

We will celebrate the end of Christmas and the wise men following the star to meet Jesus. This year we will talk about the star and the way it pointed the wise men toward Christ and the stars that point us to Christ each day. Everyone will receive a gold star with a different word on it. This will be your “star word” for the year with inspiration to point you toward Christ. Examples are: initiative, harmony, persistance, resourcefulness. See you on Epiphany for good worship and Holy Communion.


Christmas Eve

December 24

The children will lead us in telling the Christmas story through the nativity. Any child who comes that day will be invited to participate as a character in the story! There will also be rehearsals the two weeks prior for the children’s choir to sing familiar hymns. It will be a great chance to invite neighbors and family in town to participate in the program! They can be an angel or sheep or wise person or…the possibilities are endless!

6:00pm – A traditional Christmas Eve service with carols, music, children’s time, and candlelight!

11:00pm – Ring in Christmas with us at the late service. There are carols, both the bell choir and chancel choir, Holy Communion, and candlelight!

Legendary: wait for it

December 3, 10, 17, 24

This Advent learn about the traditional story of Christmas through the lens of what it means to wait. Anticipate like Mary, act like Joseph, and live out God’s call in your life like the shepherd.  Just like the legends of our Christmas story did so long ago, we will wait for the promise of God With Us.

Grace Builders

October 22, 29, November 5, 12,19

From our very beginning, Grace has had a special connection with our neighbors at Southwestern College. We were started by students and faculty and have been connected ever since. For these five weeks, we will explore the images Southwestern gives to us and find Christ in them.

October 22 – The 77 Steps: Finding Christ in the Resting Places

October 29 – Homecoming: We welcome Builder Alum and former pastor of Grace, Rev. Jim Reed, to celebrate Builder Homecoming Worship with us. The SC A Capella choir will share music in worship with us. We will also recognize Builders who have died in the last year. Come and enjoy Rev. Jim’s message: “Jeremiah, Martin, and John, or, Meanwhile, Back on Campus.”

November 5 – The Mound: All Saints Day Remember the saints who have gone before us and those who live among us as we think of the “mound” of witnesses we carry with us. SC is known for their very unique “mounbuilding” ceremony where students, faculty, staff, and friends paint rocks each year and toss them into the mound. As they remember each year all of the rocks that make up that mound and the people they represent, we too will remember the mounds!

November 12 – The Jinx Too often we believe that God operates more like one who curses us or offers retribution, “jinxing” us for our mistakes. Come and wrestle with one of the hardest questions of our faith: why do bad things happen?

November 19 – Rivals Bishop Bruce Blake, graduate of SC rival Friends University, and former president of SC, will share the message with us this day on how we love our enemies.

Back to the Future

October 1, 8, 15

O God, our help in ages past,
our hope for years to come…

Isaac Watts wrote these familiar hymn lyrics in 1719, but they still ring true today. Over the next three weeks, worship will be centered around our stewardship by using the framework of our past, present, and future.

Come to worship and see how God invites us to look back and to look ahead in order to be present now, and how these views invite us into generosity and faithfulness.

Neighbor Sunday

September 24

Kick off a congregation-wide Neighboring Initiative, sign up for  Neighbor Group, and celebrate God’s call to love our actual neighbors.

Bluegrass Sunday

September 10

Every year on the second Sunday in September, Grace hosts “Bluegrass Sunday” to kick off the week of the Walnut Valley Festival in town. We feature Carp Camp, a celtic-inspired band who camps together during the Festival. Wear your tie-dye and stay for a potluck after worship. It’s our biggest Sunday of the year with folks coming to worship from all over the country who are in town for the Festival.


August 27 – 9/10

Who am I?
Where do I fit?
What difference do I make?

Join us for this series to explore God’s claim and invitation in our lives.



Compassion in Action

June 11 – August 13

This summer in worship we will kick off a series on Compassion: Learning to Love Like God. The scripture will be in line with the children’s Sunday School curriculum, so it is a chance for a church-wide look at how we can tangibly be more compassionate in our world today. The more I talk to you all, the more I hear that you want the tools of how to share God’s love. This is a step in that direction. We will have practical action steps every week for us to put our compassion skill into action. You won’t want to miss this opportunity in worship this summer.