Bluegrass Sunday Update

There is good news. And there is bad news.

I’ll start with the bad news: Carp Camp had to cancel for Sunday because the Walnut Valley Festival decided to postpone “Land Rush” (the designated time in the week where all the folks who camp at the festival claim their territory for the week) to Sunday at 1pm. Carp Camp is staying in Oxford until Land Rush, so it would be too difficult to pack up Sunday morning, get to Grace, and get in line in time for Land Rush. We brainstormed alternatives together today, but our conclusion was that they won’t be able to be with us on Sunday morning. I’d encourage all of you that go to the festival to go say hello to them in the West campground one evening and extend to them the same Grace grace that they receive here each year. We hope to see them next year.

We are also canceling the potluck lunch following worship. We offer this meal primarily to welcome our festival guests and with Land Rush when it is, many of them will not be with us and if they are, they will need to head that way shortly after worship.

Here’s the good news: Jesus will be there on Sunday. I know, I know, it’s not the same as Carp Camp. I’m disappointed too. But we’re working on a backup plan, and I’ll update y’all as soon as we know more about what that might look like. I wanted to go ahead and let you know sooner rather than later so you can update your plans. I can promise you that there will be music and a sermon and the children’s mission offering and an incredible community ready to praise God together. Because that is what I know of you all–you’ll show up as People of Grace like you always do, especially in this season of grief we’re having, with gusto and grace. I really hope you’ll still show up in your tie-dye in full force, because I’m still excited for this Sunday and what it will bring with it. Loaves and fishes, baby.

See you Sunday, People of Grace. Hope you bring a friend or three.


Pastor Lora

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