Welcome to Grace, Moundbuilders!

Grace is committed to being a part of campus, because campus is a part of us! We were founded almost 130 years ago by students and faculty of SC. The connection has lasted through the years. There is a core group of students who worship with us (they usually sit together in the lower level of the sanctuary), so you’ll likely recognize some folks when you walk into worship. If not, you’ll soon meet a new Builder! You’ll also see several administrators, professors, coaches, and staff from campus. Southwestern College is part of who we are. Our hope is that during your time at SC you will find Grace to be a place where you can be a part of the Winfield community and grow in your faith in God and service to others. Come serve the community with us, hang your hammock in our park (right before you get to College Hill Coffee), or join Sunday School or G(race) Talks. We’d love to get to know you and learn from you!

Sunday School – 9:30am 

Find a place to belong, grow, and ask questions with other students seeking to serve God and others. The class is led by Bruce Blake, former president of SC & United Methodist Bishop. He is an awesome resource and mentor in the faith journey. This semester the class is focusing on the influence the Old Testament prophets had on Jesus.

“Sunday School is a space where I’ve found the answer to many things about God that I didn’t know or were not clear to me. It’s also a space where I can be myself and ask any question. Although, I think that the biggest reason of why I enjoy Sunday School the way I do is that little by little we become a community of friends and family where we care for each other, pray for each other and most importantly we learn more about God together.” – Felix Aguayo, sophomore


Connect your faith with action! Our congregation’s identity is in serving others. Check out our serve pages to learn more about ways to volunteer and serve at church, on campus, or in the community! We also mission opportunities on our Facebook page, so be sure to like it to keep up with events. Another way to serve is to help lead in worship by serving as liturgist (reading Scripture), serving Communion, being an usher (passing the offerings plates), or being a greeter! Let one of the interns or Pastor Lora know if you’re interested!


Grace has always been a place where students have worked and explored their callings in ministry. We’ve had up to five interns in a year. Currently we have two music interns, and might add a student pastor throughout the year. Talk to Pastor Lora if this is something that interests you!

2019 Interns:

Music Ministry Intern: Ben Ekhoff, Alyssa Patrick

Music Ministry Intern: Open and seeking applications! Apply here: https://gracewinfield.breezechms.com/form/79ec43

Foster Program

We have 74 Builder students paired with a family at Grace for the 2018-19 school year! This is an awesome way for Builders to get to know Winfield a little better and have support in your home away from home. Your foster family will cheer you on at your events, take you to supper, or just be a friendly face if you need it. The program is what you make of it and we are so glad to be a part of your journey at SC!

Builders of Grace

We have a College Care Team at Grace who works to offer hospitality to you all. They are the best. You’ll see us at the watermelon feed after the Moundbuilding Ceremony, at various SC events, and hosting fun events at Grace. We provide welcome goodie bags for the incoming students, a Finals Pizza Party and game night at the end of every semester, and fun activities throughout the year.