Grace Notes – 07/17/19

Love Your Neighbor Sermon Series
For the final two weeks of July, we will continue exploring what it means to love our neighbor: our global neighbor, our next-door neighbor, our younger neighbor, our older neighbor, our agnostic neighbor, our Christian neighbor, our queer neighbor, our straight neighbor … ALL our neighbors. While this challenge is echoed over and over in our Scripture and our tradition, it can sometimes seem challenging, exhausting or near impossible! Join us for worship this week as we encourage one another through prayer, music, word and our Above and Beyond offering to better love our neighbor through the prophetic voice of Amos and the relationship between Mary and Martha, two sisters that the world attempts to pit against each other.
Please Wear Name Tags!
Ways to Welcome Pastor Maddie!
In the coming weeks, the Transition Team will be sharing tips for welcoming Pastor Maddie to Grace. These tips come from “50 Ways to Welcome Your New Pastor” and can be found at You can help Pastor Maddie get off to a strong start and help her feel truly welcome by:

  • Introduce yourself to Pastor Maddie repeatedly! You have one name to learn; she has many names to learn.
  • Invite Pastor Maddie to community events where you can introduce her to community members and leaders. – Podcast Featuring Joy Lenz!
Neighboring is transformational. For the fourth episode of Season 2, we were joined on the front porch by Joy Lenz, an absolutely amazing neighbor who has been radically transformed by practicing neighboring. Joy is a Christian, and when her church began to practice neighboring, as well, they experienced complete transformation and began to see themselves as connectors instead of service providers. Joy loves to write, so in this episode, she shares these inspiring stories of transformation by talking with us but also by reading a couple different blogs she has written about her neighboring adventures. Christian or not, we think this episode is a beautiful example of the transformation that individuals and churches can experience when neighboring. Listen now at If you would like to read more of Joy’s blogs, you can find them here:
Honor Roll Recipients – ADDITION
Winfield Middle School recently released honor roll recipients for the 2019 Spring Semster. Lauryn Turner, another Grace UMC student received this honor. Congratulations Lauryn!
VBS Party – July 19
We will be having a movie night on July 19th! This movie night will start with a block party gathering with ice cream sundaes at 7:30 and the movie starting around 8:00 or 8:15. We will be watching the movie Up! and it will be held at the church. We hope you can join us!
Micah Corps Visits Grace
This past week we celebrated Peace With Justice Sunday at Grace UMC and were grateful to have Micah Corps, a young adult Great Plains summer internship, join us in both Sunday School and worship. Stephanie Achi and Paige Schroeder led us in conversation surrounding LGBTQ+ justice and how we can be better allies. Then we worshiped together focusing on the story of the Good Samaritan and how we are all called to bravely encounter our neighbor so we can be moved to act justly and love mercy.
Missions & Social Justice
Because God calls us to care about others:
Missions & Social Justice Team is offering education information about how our faith connects to various social concerns. Each month they will focus on a specific topic and each week will focus on a different faith lens to view that topic. This month is Immigration and Global Migration.

What does the Bible say?
I was a stranger and you welcomed me. (Matthew 25:35b)

So now you are no longer strangers and aliens. Rather, you are fellow citizens with God’s people, and you belong to God’s household. (Ephesians 2:19)

What does the United Methodist Church say?
We recognize, embrace, and affirm all persons, regardless of country of origin, as members of the family of God. We affirm the right of all persons to equal opportunities for employment, access to housing, health care, education, and freedom from social discrimination. (Social Principles paragraph 162h)

Migrants rights are human rights. It is tragic when migrants, whose rights have already been violated in their home countries, find their human rights also violated in their host countries. (2016 Book of Resolutions, #6025, “Globalization and its Impact on Human Dignity and Human Rights”)

What do the facts say?
A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.

Not all movements – migration or immigration – are unhampered and chosen freely. Forced migration is a denial of human dignity and a violation of human rights. Addressing forced migration at countries of origin is the way to address its root causes.

What do you say?
Urge your government to adopt policies for just and hospitable welcome of refugees and migrants. Advocate for just and expeditious processing of refugee applications.

Help migrants and refugees integrate to a new culture. Help them address psychosocial issues, including traumas, associated with forced migration.

Do cross-cultural learning and sensitivity training about each country’s customs, traditions and social expectations. Help refugees and migrants develop language skills, look for a job, set up a bank account, and navigate a new city.

See the complete Faith & Facts cards here: and

Habitat for Humanity – July 19
Habitat for Humanity – August 10
Now is the time to clean the closets, search the attic, clear the toy box and sort the books for donations to the sale. Suggestions are: clean, wearable clothing (PLEASE NO SHOES, PURSES OR MOLDY/DIRTY CLOTHING), children’s clothing, sports equipment, games, puzzles, holiday decorations, craft items, books, dishes and household items, linens, tools, furniture, bicycles, lamps, pictures. Anything else you think someone might be able to use. Please make sure that all appliances, large and small, are in working order and do not need parts or repair.

All donations need to be brought to the Fairgrounds on Friday, August 9th between 9:00 AM-6:00 PM. If delivery is impossible for you, pickup service is available. Make arrangements by calling Habitat at 620-221-3015 or

Upper Room Devotional – July/August are here!
Did you know there are Upper Room Devotionals in the office or at the south entrance and they are free to you? They come out every other month and guide you through daily prayer and devotion. Come by and grab one!
Great Plains Connect
Each week the Great Plains Annual Conference publishes their weekly email announcements just like we do for Grace. Click here to read this week’s addition!

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