Grace Notes – 07/24/19

Love Your Neighbor Sermon Series
For the last week of July, we will continue exploring what it means to love our neighbor: our global neighbor, our next-door neighbor, our younger neighbor, our older neighbor, our agnostic neighbor, our Christian neighbor, our queer neighbor, our straight neighbor … ALL our neighbors. While this challenge is echoed over and over in our Scripture and our tradition, it can sometimes seem challenging, exhausting or near impossible! Join us for worship this week as we encourage one another through prayer, music and word to better love our neighbor through the words of the Lord’s Prayer.
Please Wear Name Tags!
Ways to Welcome Pastor Maddie!
In the coming weeks, the Transition Team will be sharing tips for welcoming Pastor Maddie to Grace. These tips come from “50 Ways to Welcome Your New Pastor” and can be found at You can help Pastor Maddie get off to a strong start and help her feel truly welcome by:

  • Send cards of welcome and encouragement to Pastor Maddie.
  • If you are involved in civic clubs or community organizations, consider inviting Pastor Maddie to one of your meetings or events.
Worship Team Meeting – July 28
There will be a Worship Team meeting Sunday, July 28th following worship. We will meet in the Parlor at 12:10.
Irving Elementary School – School Supply Drive
First Grade
Large Backpack – no wheels
1- #2 Plain Pencils – (24 count)
1 pkg. – Dry Erase Markers Classic
Colors, Broad-Tip
2 – Crayola Crayons (24 count)
1 box – Classic Color Markers
Water-Based, Wide-Tip
6 – Glue Sticks
3 boxes – Facial Tissues
2 – Pink Erasers
1 – pkg. Pencil Top Erasers
1 pair – Metal Pointed Scissors
1 – Spiral Notebook (70 pgs.-wide rule)
1 – 5”x8” Supply Box
5 – Two-Pocket Folders (Different Colors)
1- Waterless Hand Sanitizer (8 oz.)
1 box – Quart Ziploc Bags
1 box – Gallon Ziploc Bags
1 box – Baby Wipes
1 box- Sandwich or Snack Ziploc Bags

Second Grade
Large Backpack – no wheels
1 – #2 Plain Pencils – (24 count)
1 pkg. – Colored Pencils
1 pkg. – Wide Rule Notebook Paper
4 – Spiral Notebooks (70 pgs.-wide rule)
2 pkgs. – Dry Erase Markers Classic Black, Broad-Tip
24 ct. – Crayola Crayons
1 box – Classic Color Markers
Water-Based, Wide-Tip
6 – Glue Sticks
3 boxes – Facial Tissue
2 – Pink Erasers
1 pair – Metal Sharp Pointed Scissors
4 – Two-Pocket Folders with Holes
(Different Colors)
1 box – Gallon Ziploc Bags
1 box – Quart Ziploc Bags
1 box – Snack Ziploc Bags
1 – Pencil Box
Girls: 1 box – Baby Wipes
Boys: 1 – Hand Sanitizer

Third Grade
3 boxes – Facial Tissue
2 – Pink Erasers
1 pkg. – Colored Pencils
1 pair – Metal Sharp Pointed Scissors
2 – Spiral Notebooks (70 pgs. – wide rule)
Large Backpack – no wheels
2 – #2 Plain Pencils – (24 count)
1 – 5”x8” Supply Box
2 pkgs. – Dry Erase Markers
Classic Colors
1 – Crayola Crayons (24 count)
1 box – Classic Color Markers
Water-Based, Wide-Tip

1 pkgs. – Wide Rule Notebook Paper
1 – Ruler, Non-Bendable
2 – Highlighters (Different Colors)
4 – Glue Sticks
2 – Two-Pocket Folders
(No Plastic, With Holes)
2 – Composition Notebooks
1 – Waterless Sanitizer (8 oz.)
1 box – Quart Ziploc Bags
1 box – Baby Wipes
1 box – Gallon Bags
1 – 1” Notebook Binder (optional)

Fourth Grade
Large Backpack – no wheels
3 – #2 Plain Pencils – (24 count)
1 – 5”x 8” Supply Box
1 pkg. – Dry Erase Markers-Classic
1 – Crayola Crayons (24 count)
1 pkg. – Wide Rule Notebook Paper
1 – Ruler, Non-Bendable (inch/cm.)
2 – Highlighters (Yellow)
2 – Glue Sticks
1 – 8 oz. Bottle Glue
2 boxes – Facial Tissues
2 – Pink Erasers
1 pair – Metal Sharp Pointed Scissors
2 – Spiral Notebooks (wide rule)
6 – Two-Pocket Folders (plastic, w/ holes)
1 – Waterless Hand Sanitizer (8 oz.)
1 box – Gallon Ziploc Bags
1 – Binder Self-Contained
1 pkg. – Colored Pencils

Fifth Grade
2 pkgs. – #2 Pencils (24 count)
1 pair – Adult Metal Sharp Pointed Scissors
1 pkg. – Colored Pencils (24 count)
1 – 8oz. Bottle Glue
1 – Pencil Zipper Pouch
2 – Composition Notebooks
1 – School Storage Box
(Large enough to hold supplies approx. 5”x8”x2” or zipper pouch
that fits in the three ring zipper binder)
3 large boxes – Facial Tissue
1 pkg. – Dry Erase Markers (low odor)
4 – Pocket Folders (3 holed)
1 – Three Ring Zipper Binder
1 pkg. – White Loose Leaf Paper (wide-rule)
2 – Spiral Notebooks w/Perforation
(70 pgs. – wide-rule)
2 – 1” Notebook Binder
(Last Name A-M)
1 box – Gallon size Bags
(Last Name N-Z)
1 box – Quart Size Ziploc Bags
1 box – Snack Size Ziploc Bags

Dillon’s Community Rewards Program

One of the current office projects here at Grace UMC is revamping our website to make it more accessible, recognize the pastoral transition and reflect our identity of “welcoming all to grow in grace together.” A similar project as this occurred a few years ago, and was made possible largely in part to our partnership with the Dillon’s Community Rewards program.

If you shop at Dillon’s and have a Plus Shopper’s Card, all you have to do is register your card online by 1. Visiting on their Community Rewards Page 2. Clicking “I’m a Customer” 3. Creating an online account as needed 4. Enrolling Grace United Methodist Church (Organization #: VY930) as your Community Organization

Then, simply shopping at Dillon’s and swiping your Plus Shopper’s Card can allow projects like revamping the website to occur.

Lydia Patterson Institute
For 105 years, children and youth from Juarez, Mexico have crossed the border to attend Lydia Patterson Institute in El Paso, Texas, an accredited educational institution supported by the United Methodist Church. Today, crossing the border on a daily basis is difficult and demanding. In the words of current student, Melissa Sanchez, “I used to leave my house at 6:20 AM and get in line to cross the border and we wait like an hour or an hour and a half, usually, but nowadays, since things got a little bit crazy, we’re waiting two to three hours, so I need to wake up more early. I used to sleep seven hours but now it is more like five.”

On July 11, 2019, the President of the school shared new financial hardships, “The student visa fee has gone from $350 to $500, this is after having to pay for a Mexican passport and other required documents. On top of that, the visa must be paid with a credit card. Do you know how many of our parents have credit cards? Lydia Patterson always has a solution, regardless of obstacles. What the government does not understand is that we have God on our side!”

LPI is the July recipient for our Above & Beyond giving at Grace. You are invited to contribute to provide scholarships for students who cross the border to attend school this fall, in spite of new obstacles and hardships.

Dorothy Malone Birthday – August 3
The family of Dorothy Malone invite you, her church family, to join the Reynolds family in celebration of Dorothy’s 90th birthday with cake and punch at 1:30 PM on Saturday, August 3rd in Fellowship Hall.
Missions & Social Justice
Because God calls us to care about others:
Missions & Social Justice Team is offering education information about how our faith connects to various social concerns. Each month they will focus on a specific topic and each week will focus on a different faith lens to view that topic. This month is Immigration and Global Migration.

What does the Bible say?
When an alien resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the alien. The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God. (Leviticus 19:33-34)

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2)

What does the United Methodist Church say?
Christians do not approach the issue of migration from the perspective of tribe or nation, but from within a faith community of love and welcome, a community that teaches and expects hospitality to the poor, the homeless, and the oppressed. The Christian community at its best not only welcomes and embraces migrants but can be led by them toward clearer understandings of justice and hospitality. (2016 Book of Resolutions, #6028, “Global Migration and the Quest for Justice)

Virtually all groups of today’s migrants and refugees are battered by the divide between the rich and the poor, a divide rooted in 19th and 20th century colonialism and directly caused by rapid corporate globalization in agriculture, industry  and commerce. (2016 Book of Resolutions, #6028, “Global Migration and the Quest for Justice”)

What do the facts say?
An unprecedented 65.3 million people around the world have been forced from home. Among them are nearly 21.3 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18.

It’s poor countries, not rich, western countries, who look after the vast majority of the world’s refugees…Most refugees just move from one poor country to another.

Every year, around one million people seek asylum.

What do you say?
Get your church to support refugee resettlement in our community. For help, contact Church World Service (

Donate to the United Methodist Committee on Relief’s efforts to help migrants and refugees: Advance #3022144

Speak out against racism and xenophobia in your community.

For more information contact Liberato Bautista –

See the complete Faith & Facts cards here: and

Camp Horizon Golf Scramble
This annual fundraiser is a great way to support Camp Horizon. All the proceeds go toward making summer camp great! We have posted additional information on the bulletin board across from the church office. You can also for more information.
Habitat for Humanity Yard Sale – August 10
Now is the time to clean the closets, search the attic, clear the toy box and sort the books for donations to the sale. Suggestions are: clean, wearable clothing (PLEASE NO SHOES, PURSES OR MOLDY/DIRTY CLOTHING), children’s clothing, sports equipment, games, puzzles, holiday decorations, craft items, books, dishes and household items, linens, tools, furniture, bicycles, lamps, pictures. Anything else you think someone might be able to use. Please make sure that all appliances, large and small, are in working order and do not need parts or repair.

All donations need to be brought to the Fairgrounds on Friday, August 9th between 9:00 AM-6:00 PM. If delivery is impossible for you, pickup service is available. Make arrangements by calling Habitat at 620-221-3015 or

Upper Room Devotional – July/August are here!
Did you know there are Upper Room Devotionals in the office or at the south entrance and they are free to you? They come out every other month and guide you through daily prayer and devotion. Come by and grab one!
Great Plains Connect
Each week the Great Plains Annual Conference publishes their weekly email announcements just like we do for Grace. Click here to read this week’s addition!

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