Grace Notes – 2/13/19

February Above & Beyond Mission Offering:
Camp Horizon Aquatic Center
Third Sunday Food Offering February 17
Dried Navy Beans

A Note From Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)
We have received the resignation of our administrative assistant, Julie Bodkins, effective immediately. We are grateful for Julie’s time with us and wish the best for her as she spends more time with her kids. We appreciate your patience in the office with volunteers and as staff pick up the responsibilities during this transition. We will let you know when the job is posted again.
This Sunday Bill Tharp will have a display in the Welcome Center sharing about the time Winfield took a choir to Mount Carmel and sang Elijah. Be sure to check it out!

Boy Scout Fundraiser Dinner – Tonight at Grace!
Troop 318 is serving a Pulled Pork Dinner tonight (2/13) at Grace from 5:30-7:00pm in Fellowship Hall. The menu is: pulled pork, potato casserole, green beans, roll, dessert, and drinks and cost is adults ($7) and kids ($5).

Troop 318 and their families will also be joining us in worship on Sunday for their annual Scout Sunday. It will look like a pretty normal Sunday for us, but be sure to go and welcome them. They will be giving the Glimpse of Grace.

Big Picture – Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who came and participated in the Big Picture on Sunday. We spent the afternoon remembering what has happened in the year. We celebrated all the good things. We grieved the things that no longer have energy around them and need to end so that we can reach beyond our walls more effectively. There is much to be thankful for. At the end of the time we all shared one thing we were going to do ourselves based on what we’d learned and discerned today. Each person committed to what they could do personally. Isn’t that what it takes for God’s kingdom to be realized? Each and every one of us has been gifted by God with the ability to change the world. How is God calling you to make our community a better place?If you’d like to see some of the statistics Pastor Lora shared you can view a PDF version of the PowerPoint 

Team Meetings
The Neighboring Team will be meeting today (Wednesday) at 4:30 at
College Hill Coffee.

The Worship Team will be meeting Sunday at 1:30pm in the Parlor.

Youth Group – Sunday 6:30pm
The youth group will meet for supper, games, and a lesson Sunday from
6:30pm-8:00pm. Hope to see you there!

Special General Conference on LGBTQ Inclusion
During worship, I did a brief summary of the upcoming Special Session of General Conference for the UMC happening in February. This is a called session to deal specifically with one concern: how the UMC is in relationship with LGBTQ people. The proposal the majority of the bishops support would allow local churches to set their wedding policies and annual conferences choose who they ordain. This would allow us to stay together as a denomination, despite the differences across congregations and conferences. There are green handouts of the summaries of the proposals on the desk in the office, as well as a bowl of buttons if you’d like to take one to keep with you to remind you to be in prayer for them. If you’d like to read further, here are some resources on the conference website. If you would like to voice your opinion to the Great Plains Delegation headed to this conference, there is a special email address that you can use to send it to the whole delegation at once: If you choose to email them, I would suggest including your church and location so that they know where you are coming from as well as a personal story about why you have the opinion you do. Above all, I would invite you to pray for the delegation and for the folks from all over the world heading to General Conference, as well as LBGTQ United Methodists who are impacted directly by these decisions. Let me know if you have any questions! – Pastor Lora
Baskets for Knitting and Crochet Projects in Worship
There are now baskets around the sanctuary (both upstairs and downstairs) with knitting and crochet projects.  If you listen better when you are doing something with your hands, we invite you to take a project from the basket and work on it according to the attached pattern. As you work, we encourage you to pray for the person who will receive your scarf.  After worship, return the scarf to the basket.  Completed scarves will be given to those in need.

Upper Room Devotional
Did you know there are Upper Room Devotionals in the office or at the south entrance and they are free to you? The come out every other month and guide you through daily prayer and devotion. Come by and grab one!

Great Plains Connect
Each week the Great Plains Annual Conference publishes their weekly email announcements just like we do for Grace. We will be giving you all a link to this content if you would like to read it. Click here to read this
week’s addition!

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