Each month Grace takes an offering above and beyond our regular giving for a campus, community, or global mission. We have containers at each entrance to the sanctuary to collect money, and the children go out into the congregation to collect money in addition to canned food for the food pantry. In 2017, we raised $23,666 for missions over and above those missions and ministries we already support through our budget. These offerings are part of that giving.

2019 Above & Beyond Giving

January – United Methodist Open Door (Food: Cornbread Mix)
February – Camp Horizon Aquatic Center (Food: Dried Navy Beans)
March – UMCOR Sunday (Food: Peaches, Pears, Mixed Fruit)
April – Camp Horizon Scholarships (Food: Canned Tuna)
May – Habitat for Humanity (Food: Macaroni & Cheese)
June – Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Resources (Food: Pancake Mix)
July – (Food: Peanut Butter)

2018 Above & Beyond Giving

January – United Methodist Open Door (Food: Instant Mashed Potatoes)
February – Winfield Lodging Assistance Fund (Food: Dried Navy Beans)
March – UMCOR Sunday
April – Camp Horizon Scholarships
May – Scout Troop 318
June – Thursday Night Supper
July – Circles Cowley County
August – Irving Elementary School
September – Immmigration Work in Rio Texas Conference
October – UMCOR
November – Medical Loan Closert
December – Winfield Helping Hands

2017 Above & Beyond Giving

January – Winfield Helping Hands
February – United Methodist Open Door (Food: Peanut Butter)
March – UMCOR Sunday (Food: Canned Fruit)
April – UMCOR Global Poverty Initiative (Food: Tuna)
May – Camp Horizon Scholarships
JuneSoCe Life’s Neighboring Movement
July – Thursday Night Supper Fund
August – Irving Elementary School
September – UMCOR – Hurricane Harvey (Food: Long Grain White Rice)
October – Circles
November – Winfield Helping Hands (Food: Chicken Noodle Soup)
December – Winfield Habitat for Humanity (Food: Spaghetti Noodles)