Pastor Charles McKinzie

Pastor Charles McKinzie

Hey all!

Welcome to Grace! I’m so happy to have you drop by this page to check out our community of faith we call Grace. I am a licensed local pastor with the Great Plains United Methodist conference. Grace is my third pastoral appointment as I spent about 30 years trying to run from my call to ministry – call me a late bloomer. 🙂 Our family is so blessed by the people here at Grace. It is truly a home where ALL are welcomed. Where you are valued for the visible and invisible qualities which make you, you. And where folks recognize that you were fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image.

When I’m not being a dad, husband or pastor I enjoy playing the Great Highland Bagpipes with my band Flint Hills Highlanders of Wichita, wrenching on and motoring in my 2003 Mini Cooper S, nerding out on my fandoms (LOTR, Dr Who, D&D, Theology) and occasionally brewing craft beer creations with friends.

All in all, I’m a regular guy trying to live like Jesus. I am a Christian, but am uncomfortable with much of what that means in our modern world so I prefer Jesusian (Yea-SOOS-ee-un) if I must ascribe to a label.

If you want to learn more about this family of broken folks who are trying to do the best we can, drop me a line and let’s grab coffee across the street at College Hill Coffee – it’s the best.

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