We are in month five of online worship. While we miss gathering in person, we are glad to continue “welcoming all to grow in grace” online. We worship on Sunday mornings at 10:50 AM through our Grace UMC Youtube channel. Click here to join us live or to view any of our other services at your leisure.

Tips for Online Worship:

    • Interact during Worship
      • Comment on Facebook or YouTube throughout the service
    • Virtual Fellowship Time
      • Just because we can’t meet in person doesn’t mean we can’t connect! Give a call to someone from Sunday school class, someone who sits in your regular pew, or someone who you haven’t seen in a while!
    • Set an Altar
      • An altar is a physical space that connects us with God… even though we aren’t gathering around the altar at Grace, we can make our own! Some suggestions are lighting a candle, setting up your Bible with our Scripture, or setting an image or object that reminds you of God near your viewing space.
    • Prepare Your Hymns
      • Do you like to read the sheet music? For our two hymns, we will provide links to the online sheet music in the comments on YouTube.
    • Prepare for Children’s Time
      • Miss Madison will be leading us in Children’s Time each week (except for the Third Sunday when Pastor Maddie will lead) towards the beginning of the service so be sure to gather your kids around the screen!
      • Madison will be posting details for Sunday School in the Grace Kids Facebook group before the service for you to participate in at your leisure
    • Prepare to Give Online during the Offering
      • There are a few different ways to financially contribute to Grace UMC:
        • Send a money order or check to Grace UMC at 320 College St.
        • Set up a direct deposit with your local bank by noting Grace UMC at 320 College St.
        • Give through our online payment by clicking here
        • Text “give” to 620-213-4191
    • Make Your Coffee Beforehand
      • This is Pastor Maddie’s personal advice and choice. There’s nothing like a Sunday morning filled with worship and coffee!
    • Worship Together
      • Whoever your family is – your partner, parents, kids, dog, cat – be sure to gather and worship as best as you can!

If you can’t gather at 10:50 AM, no worries! The service will be available to view at your leisure through our Youtube Channel or Facebook page after it premieres at 10:50 AM.